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How to check Disk Space usage in cPanel?

Your disk space usage is high? Delete some unnecessary files or Upgrade to a higher hosting plan.

Bad impacts of 100% disk space used

If you use all disk space of your hosting plan, it can cause your website stop working, no new emails, no new posts, comments on your website.

What is using disk space / how to delete?

1) Login to your cPanel hosting control panel (yourdomain.com/cpanel)
2) find "Files" section and icon "Disk Space Usage".

Wait a few seconds or minutes and it will show you which folders contains most of the data.
Play with it to see if you can delete something.
If you are unsure what you are deleting, first make a full backup of your data.

Get more disk space without deleting anything?

You can also upgrade your hosting account to a higher plan with more disk space. Upgrade can be made from your client area according to this tutorial: http://instantcpanelhosting.com/knowledgebase/17/How-to-upgrade-or-downgrade-hosting.html

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