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How to setup custom DNS records for my domain not on my server but on ICPH end?

How to change nameservers:

To point your domain to a hosting provider, you usually just change nameservers of your domain (Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers).

I need to use custom IP, have no nameservers:

Second roption is to register your own nameservers setting particular server IP to these, it is described on this page, paragraph c).

I need to use custom IP, do not want to register my own nameservers:

In this case you will need to use/set your domain's registar nameservers for your domain and then manage DNS zone records (including A record, custom IP) in your domain registar.
So which nameservers to set for your domain? You need to know who is your domain registar. Visit https://who.is/whois/ and input your domain name to see likely either Enom or Namesilo registar.

In case of Namesilo, nameservers should be:

In case of Enom, nameservers should be:

These nameservers can be set in Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers.

Next step is to set custom DNS records: Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Management Tools / Manage DNS.

In Manage DNS section you need to set the records, for example these two:

Host Name www
Record Type CNAME
Address YourDomain.here

Host Name (leave it empty)
Record Type A
Address YourServerIP

WARNING: In case you submit DNS records using "Save Changes" button more than once, you need to remember that in case you submit an empty "Host Name" field, system wrongly resets it to a domain value, so you need to always clear it to be empty before saving changes each time. Even system always resets the empty Host Name field after submission, it sent proper (empty) value to a domain registar.

It may take a few minutes to propagate, then check your domain at https://intodns.com , https://dnschecker.org/#A/ or similar to see if the change was made and is public already. Nameserver change may take around 24 hours to propagate on the internet. In the meantime you may visit your site also via proxies, for example proxy like http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html

If you have issue, please login the client area and submit a support ticket, mentioning the steps you did.

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