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cPanel licensing and possible overdue charges

NOTE: This article apply on cPanel licenses product, not on cPanel shared hosting products.

cPanel applied rules that many may not like. They require client to pay kind of penalty for the month he had cPanel installed on their server but not renewed the license on-time.

When later client attempts to renew the license or re-order the license even with different reseller, cPanel will require client to pay one more payment for the month when client had cPanel installed but not renewed the license. After these two payments (renewal + penalty), client will be eligible to receive one month of renewal.

1. License cost $19
2. not renewed on time
3. cpanel installed and used some days or even months overdue
4. 10th day of the month client order license for $19
5. client will be requested to pay another $19 (penalty)

This whole thing is a complication not only for the client but also for the resellers. But it is how cPanel want it.

There are free cpanel alternatives though.

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