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403 Forbidden error cause

Why i am getting 403, Forbidden" kind of error when i visit website or some of its subpage?

Web server firewall (ModSecurity) could blocked your request because it thinks it should not be allowed. Server admin should know your IP (www.myip.ms) used to access 403 error page and the page address to check their logs.

The cause of 403 error can also be some of your plugins, another cause can be .htaccess file somewhere in your wordpress directory tree that deny requests like yours.

Third cause of the 403 error can be that the file that returned 403 error or the file related to it has wrong permissions, i think files should have rights: yourusernamehere:yourusernamehere and permission: 644
Folders 755 permission.

Permissions can be checked/changed in the cPanel/File manager/public_html

I would google following phrasse:
wordpress 403 wp-admin/media-new.php
how to disable all wordpress plugins debug

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