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How to install RDP/VNC on my existing Linux Ubuntu server?


I already purchased Linux Ubuntu server and i have SSH access only.
How can i setup remote desktop on this server so i can work on the server via graphical interface?


You can
1) install VNC server and use a VNC client software to connect your VPS.
2) install graphical user interface like GNOME, XFCE, LXDE

if You have Ubuntu Linux, then VNC server + graphical UI can be setup this way:
Option A)
Option B)
https://internetlifeforum.com/linux-forums/191-how-install-free-ubuntu-lxde-desktop-vps/ (in this case start from the step "7. update and upgrade"... because assuming you already have VPS)

If you need assistance, please contact support of your server provider or write on the forums.

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