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How to host multiple domain's websites in one cPanel account

One cPanel account can be used to host multiple websites at same time for multiple domain names.

How many domain's websites can i host
The number of domains that can be added to the cPanel account depends on webhosting plan/package.
For example smallest package "Mini hosting" can host only one domain as seen at instantcpanelhosting.com homepage.
To learn, how many domain's websites you can host, login cPanel and find "Addon domains".

How to add new domain to be hosted in my cPanel account
Login cPanel, click "Addon domains" and fill the form to add new domain.
This way you will create new folder for this domain website files. Upload website files to this folder.

In order website be visible when you open your domain in the web browser, you need to configure your domain to use so called "nameservers" of your web hosting provider.
Example nameservers can be:
These nameservers you can define on the website where you purchased domain, in the client area. If domain is bought from us, you probably do not need to change nameservers, only add domain in cPanel ("Addon domains" section).


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