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How to link my domain to my server/VPS (nameserver registration, change)


After You purchased Your server, you may want host some website on it. To point Your domain to your server, you need to:

1. register nameservers (WHERE? at your domain registar)
2. add domain into your server (WHERE? in your server webhosting control panel)
3. point domain to the nameservers you registered (WHERE? at your domain registar)

1. Register nameservers

A. You purchased domain from InstantcPanelHosting, then go to Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Management Tools / Register Nameservers. As a nameserver, you can use "ns1" without quotation marks and IP being your VPS/server IP. Do the same for the secondary nameserver "ns2".

B. You purchased domain from other domain registar (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Namesillo, etc.). Login to your domain registar control panel. And from there create/register new Nameserver set (register nameservers). If you can't find it, Google: "YourDomainRegistarName register nameservers" or ask their support.

example nameservers pointing to your VPS IP (in this example,
ns1.yourcompany.com ->
ns2.yourcompany.com ->

If your registar don't allow same IP for both nameservers and you don't want to buy secondary expensive IP address, you need to do some workaround. Secondary nameserver IP can be which should cause timeout and usage of nameserver 1 instead. Ask domain registar to verify that your newly created nameservers are set properly.

2. Login to Your server/VPS control panel (DirectAdmin,VestaCP,WHM,zPanel,Kloxo...) and add domain name that you want to host on it. At same time DNS zone should have been created. You can verify that in the DNS section of your hosting control panel.

Your DNS zone should look be similar to screenshots there (only with Your nameservers and Your IPs changed to yours own)

Double check entered information and if you are not sure. Ask webhosting provider or on public forums whether your configuration is right.

3. When you complete step 1 (nameserve registration) and 2 (domain/DNS setup on your server), the remaining step is to change nameservers of the domain that you want to host on your server/VPS. Login to your domain registar control panel and modiffy your domains nameservers to the ones you created. If the domain that you want to host on the VPS is purchased from InstantCpanelHosting, then go to Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers. In our example nameservers that we have registered and that should be used there was: ns1.yourcompany.com and ns2.yourcompany.com

Wait couple of minutes and verify DNS configuration at DNSChecker.org or intodns.com or DNSInspect.com (entering your domain name). Any errors? It may take some minutes until the change is propagated. You may duck.com the errors. If helpless, contact your hosting support please.

I hope this tutorial was helpfull. If You have any idea to improve this, contact support.
Thank You

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