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How to enable free SSL on my website in cPanel?


all customers who ordered webhosting from InstantcPanelHosting.com can now activate free LetEncrypt.org SSL certifficate instantly and automatically from within their hosting control panel - cPanel and have HTTPS:// website.

A+ grade is possible with this free SSL. This cert. is better (more widelly supported) than Cloudflare or Comodo positive SSL. No insecure warnings!
Example site using this certifficate: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=letsencrypt.org

Here is how to activate in your cPanel:

1) Login cPanel
2) Scroll page down and find section "Security" and click "SSL/TLS Status"

3) click to apply AutoSSL to your domain

4) access https://yourdomain.tld in your web browser

InstantcPanelHosting.com - $0.5 cPanel hosting, $2 virtual servers, FREE SSL, 0.1 cent domains .tk

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