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Anonymous dedicated server with InstantCPanelHosting.com

Do You provide anonymous dedicated server?

Yes, but only two dedicated server products: Budget Server 2GB and Budget Server 16GB
It is purchased by InstantCPanelHosting.com (ICPH) the way so the payee identity is unknown. How/Why?

ICPH is:
A) using Tor to create client profile and communicate with datacenter thru the HTTPs
B) using separate cryptocurrency wallet (created/accessed via Tor only as a hidden service) that is funded by famous anonymity oriented coinjoin (coin mixing) service (accessed via Tor & HTTPs) to pay for the server.

There is low probability anyone will be able to match your server to the instantcpanelhosting.com (ICPH) or even lower probably to match it to your ICPH client profile (which is currently saved on the UK based server). Client profile data can be faked and IP can be the Tor exit node IP which will ensure good anonymity along with HTTPs access. If you have requests or questions, please contact support.

Will you protect my identity if police ask you about my dedicated server?

ICPH do not manage your dedicated server, you have full root access to it and you can have it in the state so no one can match any data on it to yourself. Dedicated server is subject of standard protection in datacenter.


This article is not meant as an invitation to perform fraudulent/illegal activity on the servers. Mentioned anonymity do not means the server is bulletproof and canot be taken down. Law violation on the server will result in service cancellation and suspension without refunds of remaining prepaid time.

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