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How to backup website / my hosting account (cPanel)

Do You want to backup your cPanel webhosting account (websites and its data)?

There are several ways on how to backup a website. Following is one of the ways:

Manual backup from cPanel

1) Login Your cPanel account: http://yourdomain.tld/cpanel
(login details have been sent to you upon hosting registration, you may check client area to learn cpanel login username and or reset cpanel password)

2) after cpanel login, click "Backups" icon

3) in "Full backup" section, you can see latest full backups, click "Download" button to download latest backup. Or click "Download a Full Website Backup" to generate new.

Repeat this backup process regularly to prevent data loss. InstantCpanelHosting.com does not guarantee backups and can shutdown at anytime.

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