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How to upload script & create mysql database in cPanel

You got an webhosting account with cPanel hosting control panel...
But how to upload your script so it is visible on your domain?

How to upload script/website files via cPanel

to upload some script, login your cPanel hosting control panel
example: http://yourdomain.com/cpanel

then find "File manager" icon and click it
then make sure you are in directory named public_html (in case you want to have script in subfolder like domain.com/subfolder/, find icon "New folder" and create new subfolder and enter it)
then find "Upload" icon and click it
You select your script from your computer (.zip file with .php files)
After upload Complete, hit "Reload" button in File manager.
Find your uploaded script (.zip file) and click "Extract" button....

So you completelly uploaded your script to the hosting. In the script folder, try to find an readme or install tutorial file which will help you install the script now. If you cant find how to install the script, use Google: scriptname install

During installation .php script will ask for  MySQL database details. Mysql database is storage for your website settings and content

How to create mysql database in cPanel

You can do it again from within your cPanel hosting control panel, check this tutorial please: https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_cPanel
You will then end up having 3 things:
mysql hostname/server: localhost
mysql database name: yourusername_dbname
mysql username: yourusername_username
mysql password: yourpassword

you can use above details during script installation or if no installation script, add them directly into script configuration file named like config.php configuration.php, dbconnect.php and similar

if you cant figure out anything, try to type your question into google.com

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