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I cant login cPanel or i forgot cPanel login details

If You forgot your cPanel account login credentials (username, password, login URL), please check Your mailbox and search for the email with subject "New Hosting Account Information". This email been sent to you when you ordered hosting.

If you still cant login cPanel, go to your InstantCpanelHosting client area at http://instantcpanelhosting.com/clientarea.php

After login into client area, click "Services", "My services", "Views Details" button next to the hosting plan and then click "Change Password" Tab

Then try to login cPanel using your newly set password.
Try this cPanel login URL: http://yourdomain.tld/cpanel

If you still have issues, contact support and try to describe your issue in detail (example copy and paste web address where you login and error message you are getting). Reply is not guaranteed, reply time can be longer than 48 hours!

Thank you

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