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My domain does not work, i can't see files/site

In Your client area check that Your domain has "Active" status, Hosting has Active or Suspended status.

If that is OK, the issue can be on Your internet provider side. You can check your domain / DNS setup via third party services like intodns:

Is domain properly pointed to instantcpanelhosting nameservers showing green "OK" status? If yes, try accessing your site via web proxy like: http://www.vpnbook.com/webproxy or http://anonymouse.org or similar

Is website or files loading now? If Yes, wait like 72 hours. The new website visitors who did not visited your site recently, probably seeing your website without problems.

This issue you facing usually happens when you access your domain, then change nameservers and access it again while your old hosting is deleted. It means your internet provider still caching old nameserver data resulting in you dont seeing any website, but instead you may see web browser connection timeout or such.

Internet providers usually clear their DNS cache in 72 hours.

If you are getting connection timeout even intodns.com showing domain is properly pointed to your hosting provider and web proxy services (mentioned above in bold font) also do not connect webserver, then try contacting your hosting provider.

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