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How to change hosting for my domain name?

Hello, i want transfer my domain mydomain.tld so its website is hosted at new hosting.

Hello, if You need to change your hosting provider so the website is served from new hosting,

1) you need to backup your website files and mysql databases from your current hosting control panel.

2) Login your new hosting account control panel and restore backups

If you dont know how backup/restore or dont want to spend your time, please contact your new hosting provider and ask for website transfer providing him your old hosting panel login URL and details and also new hosting login URL and details.

3) Then login your current domain registar control panel and there change your domain mydomain.tld so called "nameservers" to ones you get from your new hosting provider..

in case your new provider is instantcpanelhosting.com, then check the e-mail you received after your hosting order. It contains the nameservers.

Example nameservers:
Nameserver 1: ns3.instantcpanelhosting.com
Nameserver 2: ns4.instantcpanelhosting.com

In case your new hosting provider is not instantcpanelhosting.com, then you need to set/change your domain nameservers from Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers . From there set nameservers which your new hosting provider given you.

After you changed nameservers with your domain registar, your domain will point to a new hosting in like 48 hours. During this time your website may be still loaded from old hosting. This process is called "DNS propagation delay", you can Google that.

Thank You,
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