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How to add domain to Kloxo (how to start in Kloxo)

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If you need an guide on how to add domain to Kloxo and start hosting a website, this can come handy.

1. Login Kloxo website (your server control panel) - http://yourip:7778/
2. Then you will see red alert: "Alert: Lxguard for this server is not configured. Please Click here to configure Lxguard since" so click that link.
3. there just tick "I Have Read About Lxguard And Understands What It Does" and "Update"
4. In left menu click section "Domains"
5. Red aler message appears: "Alert: There are no Dns Templates in the System. You have to have at least one Dns Template to add a domain/client. Click here to add a dnstemplate."
5. There just click the link in red alert "here to add a dnstemplate."
6. set Template name to something like: "default", then set Primary DNS & Secondary DNS to your nameserver addresses (ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com) and click "Add".
7. Now register nameservers you added in previous step in your domain registar control panel (domain registar is example Godaddy, Namecheap). These nameservers should be pointed to your VPS IP address to work. Contact your domain registart if you dont know how to register these. After nameservers registered, go and edit your domain name which you want to host on your Kloxo VPS and in your domain registar control panel set this domain nameservers to these which you just registered (ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com). This way you point your domain to your VPS. Please note that untill your domain start resolving to your VPS, it can take up to around 48 hours.
6. In Kloxo, left menu, click item "Domains" again.
7. add your domain name which you want to host. example: Domain name(yourdomain.com), Document Root(yourdomain) and click "Add"
8. that is all, now manage your domain files and mysqls. In left menu on the top find item "Domain", then click File manager to upload files to your domain directory, click Mysql databases icon to create database.

If you have questions, ask your hosting provider, domain provider or here on the forum.

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