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How to backup linux server/VPS

Making backups of Your precious server/VPS data is very important. When server is suspended, crashed, data non recoverable you may lost maybe even YEARS of your work time.

Backups should be made regularly to the external storage, like your home PC or the server from another hosting company.

Here is how to backup your linux server

1. backup onetime from control panel

a) if you have Kloxo control panel, go to: http://yourserverip:7778 and after login, find icon "Backup Home", it is in resources section. Then download backups to the external storage. You can also backup files from File manager (Kloxo/Domain/File manager) by ticking your website folder and clicking ZIP icon. Then download created ZIP file. Your Mysql can be backed up also from: Kloxo/Domain/Mysql databases/YourDatabasename/Get Backup
b) if you have zPanel control panel, go to http://yourserverip/ and after login, go to Advanced/Backup/ section
c) in case you have other control panel, login to your hosting control panel and find "Backup" section. Here you should backup your files and mysql databases to the external storage. If you cant find it, go to Google and write "yourcontrolpanelname how backup".

2. backup regularly/onetime from command line

a) REGULAR/AUTOMATED FILES & MYSQL BACKUP: Try bash/shell script from this page (opens in new window)
b) ONETIME FILES & MYSQL BACKUP: Use this script (opens in new window) to onetime backup your website files and mysql database from command line / SSH.
c) ONETIME MYSQL BACKUP COMMAND: Sometimes your website files are very small and do not change frequently, so you can backup files only once and then backup only MySQL frequently. To backup mysql, you can use PHPMyAdmin or do this command via command line (opens in new window).

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