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My e-mails are not sent or delivered

On Your shared webhosting account you may face the issue that you or your website visitors send emails from your website (using some script, web form or similar) but they are not delivered to the destination mailbox.. Why?


A) your script is badly written and don't send out emails
B) your e-mail is blocked by the hosting server or remote mail server e-mail filtering system. Edit your script to use SMTP instead of PHP mail() function
C) your "FROM" e-mail address is not the one of your hosting account. As a sender, unless you are using SMTP, the sender e-mail should be [email protected], not example [email protected]


If you have cpanel, you may find out in "File Manager", browse folder /home/youraccountname/mail/new/ and there can be some system emails, one of the email may contain something like this:

Subject: Mail failure - rejected by local scanning code

A message that you sent was rejected by the local scanning code that
checks incoming messages on this system. The following error was given:

"Relaying not permitted"

This is a sign that your FROM email should be one of your hosting account, [email protected]. You can create new email account from your hosting control panel, icon "Email Accounts".


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