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How to install Bitcoin client on Linux Ubuntu Remote Desktop (RDP) LXDE

You can use cheap linux remote desktop server to mine bitcoins. But how to install bitcoin client software on linux Ubuntu Remote Desktop (RDP)?

To install software, you can use Synaptic Manager, but in LXDE environment, you probably wont find bitcoin software in this manager.

Steps to install Bitcoin software Bitcoin-QT on InstantCpanelHosting.com RDP linux server:

You will need to login to your server command line (SSH) using software called PuTTy. In this software, please enter:

- your VPS/dedicated server IP address (one you received in email after server order).
- 22 as a port number (SSH port).
Then click Open/Login.

You will be prompted to enter your server login username and password. Your username is "root" and your passoword is one you selected during server order. You may get an idea also in your client area.

Once you successfully login into command line, type or copy/paste there this line:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin; sudo apt-get install bitcoin; sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt

Hit Enter key to execute this command. It will install bitcoin repository to your server and then install bitcoin-qt itself

After done, you should be able to open your Bitcoin-QT from your remote desktop session. Remote Desktop can be accessed via software called TightVNC:

How to login RDP using TightVNC

You have now installed Bitcoin-QT:

Bitcoin QT Linux software installation on Ubuntu LXDE

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