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How to install software on Linux Ubuntu RDP?

To install new software on Your InstantCpanelHosting.com Linux RDP, you can use software called "Synaptic Package Manager" as seen on the image bellow:

This image shows how torrent client or any other linux software can be installed in LXDE linux environment (RDP from Instantcpanelhosting.com)

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager
2. search your software (just type basic keyword like: torrent, office, paint, mail etc.)
3. select package you wish to install
4. Apply selection (install)
5. Open your newly installed software from the menu

To install software which is not in the list, you may need to run commands directly from your Linux server command line (SSH, PuTTy). Easy instructions on how to do it can be found in your Server Welcome email you got after order.

Should you need any help, feel free  to contact ICPH support or enter your query into Google.com

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