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How to get cheap remote desktop with Torrent client ($6/mo.)

You need remote desktop computer (RDP) with torrent client for RDP torrenting? You do not wish to spend much money?

RDP will allow you to run not only Torrent client, but also web browser and many other softwares, like any other computer.

Thanks to InstantCpanelHosting, you can buy remote desktop computer with Linux OS. Rental starts from $8 monthly for a 512MB RAM virtual private server.

Look at how easy you can install torrent client on your ICPH linux RDP.

This image shows how torrent client or any other linux software can be installed in LXDE linux environment (RDP from Instantcpanelhosting.com)

Similar way you can install any other linux software. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to send a message to the InstantCpanelHosting! We will help you to setup your remote desktop and get run your favorite programs there.

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