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Remote desktop (DRP) from $7 monthly

What is RDP - Remote desktop computer

So called remote desktop or RDP is a Windows or Linux computer running somewhere on the internet being accessible for you or anyone who have credentials from anywhere via internet.
You can use RDP for permanent running software, connect RDP from your home and office while not interupting running software on your RDP when closing RDP viewer.
You can browse internet, download torrent, download and upload things at great speeds, run services available to anyone on the internet (website, file server, streaming server) and much more.

How to connect RDP

Linux or Windows RDP computer is able to accept RDP/VNC connections. You need to use VNC viewer or RDP viewer application to see your remote desktop.

Connecting Windows RDP

Start / Run / mstsc

(mouse over image)
Login into Windows remote desktop pc

Connecting Linux RDP

Download software called TightVNC portable

(mouse over image)
Using TightVNC software to login Linux repmote desktop PC

Linux vs Windows RDP

Linux is free and contains all programs, it can exen run some Windows .exe programs using software called Wine (you may need to install it from your Linux RDP).
Windows is paid and it has probably higher number of programs, more wide spread acros regular users.

Where to get RDP

At InstantCpanelHosting.com you can get Linux remote desktop VPS for $7. We recommend minimum 512MB memory VPS where you have up to 512MB burstable memory. For optimum performance, pick 768MB+ memory VPS here: http://instantcpanelhosting.com/cart.php?gid=4

You do not understand/need custom plan? Please write a message, we will help step by step!

Ordering RDP:
During order (link above), you will be able to select "Linux Ubuntu 10, Remote Destop" as an Operating system. If you can't find it, just order VPS with ANY configuration and then once paid, contact support and request RDP be setup on your VPS.

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