Hosting Technical details

Thank You for Your interest in webhosting. Following are cPanel shared webhosting server parameters.

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Hosting
cPanel control panel

memory_limit: 128M
post_max_size: 32M
upload_max_filesize: 128M
emails sent per hour/account: 5 on mini/medium hosting plan, 10 on big hosting plan, 200 for other plans
safe_mode: Off
allow_url_fopen: Off
cURL support: enabled
magic_quotes_gpc: Off
max_execution_time: 30
max_input_time: 45
concurrent mysql connections: 15
mysql.connect_timeout: 60
mysql.allow_persistent: Off
FTP support: enabled
cronjobs: enabled
GD support: enabled
imagick(imagemagick): enabled
XCache: enabled
OpenSSL support: enabled SSL: free
SourceGuardian Loader Support: enabled
Zend Loader: enabled
IonCube Loader: enabled

These parameters works perfect for most of the websites and are set to allow maximum performance and stability both for Your websites and our hosting server. Above parameters should fit your websites nicely.

Most of above parameters are fixed and cant be changed. If you need to change any value, please kindly contact support.

If You have any questions, feel free to contact support. Thank you

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