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How to register or change nameservers?

Option A) You have purchased a domain name from Instantcpanelhosting.com

a) and you have or want to have shared hosting from InstantCpanelHoting.com
Usualy after hosting order, your domain was automatically registered with proper domain nameservers. You can see the correct nameservers in your hosting account welcome email which you have received after your hosting purchase. To change or register your domain nameservers, go to Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers.

b) and you have or want to have shared hosting from other hosting provider
You need to discover your hosting provider nameservers (maybe inside new hosting account welcome e-mail or in your hosting provider client area) and set/change yours discovered domain nameservers from within Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers . From there set nameservers provided by your hosting provider.

c) and you have own server (VPS or dedicated)
You either need to register your nameservers with your domain registar/provider and then manage DNS records on your server (this is described right below) or instead set your domain to use your domain registar/provider nameservers and manage DNS on at your domain provider/registar side (described on this page).

So we proceed with the way where you register your own nameservers (for free): If you have not yet registered/created your nameservers for your server IP, go to Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Management Tools / Register Nameservers
There you will register NSs like: ns1.yourdomain.tld, ns2.yourdomain.tld and the IP you will use is the IP of the server where website will be hosted. As the nameserver, enter "ns1" without quotation marks and IP being your VPS/server IP. Do the same for the secondary nameserver "ns2".

Then you can change your domain nameservers to these you have just registered. Client Area / Domains / My Domains / Manage Domain / Nameservers. After this you will need to modify your VPS/Server DNS configuration. Here is the tutorial.
Once that is complete, you can verify domain at intodns.com and https://dnschecker.org/#NS/ . Your internet provider may be caching old nameservers so it may take even 48 hours until nameserver changes are propagated across the internet. In the meantime, you may try using free web proxies (anonymouse.org) to see whether your domain is properly resolving and serving the web site that you have possibly configured.

Option B) You have purchased a domain name from Namecheap, Godaddy or other registar

And if you want to host with InstantCpanelHosting.com, you need to manage your domain thru their domain control panel. Check their website to login it. After login and you find your domain name, edit it and find section named like Nameservers / Domain nameservers and similar. in this section, enter ICPH nameservers you received in your hosting account welcome email which you got after your hosting purchase.
You can also transfer your domain to ICPH, this will cost you one year renewal payment, for this place new domain transfer order.

Final notes:
IMPORTANT: After you change some domain nameservers, it can take approximatelly 12-72 hours untill internet service providers (ISP) start pointing domain name to the new hosting account. It means your domain may appear inaccessible or pointing to the old hosting account for mentioned timeframe. This well known process is called "DNS propagation delay"

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