Paypal billing account change

For all customers who using PayPal subscription to pay for their webhosting services, here is the important change.

ICPH paypal account no longer accepts payments so your subscription payment may fail and you will need to make new renewal payment manually when your due date come. Here is the email sent to all clients who paid via PayPal…..


Dear Full Name,

If You are paying your webhosting services via automated PayPal subscription, please note that old PayPal account DOES NOT accept any new payments since this day!

This means that your PayPal subscription payment may fail as a cause of above issue.

New Paypal e-mail ([email protected]) will be visible on your next invoice from (1) client area and also (2) on your three email invoices which you will receive before your hosting service due date as usual. So please just keep in mind that your automated PayPal subscription may not work and you will need to pay your invoice manually when your due date comes. You will receive an invoice with payment details 10 and 4 days before your due date.

If you wish not to wait with your payment and renew immediatelly or have any questions/need help, please reply to this email or submit a ticket at . In case of renewal request, please mention on how many months you wish to prepay your service (3,6,12,24 months or similar).

Again, you dont need to pay anything now,  This serves as notiffication that PayPal subscription may fail.

Please apologize for inconvenience caused.

Thank you again for being with us,
Name – main page – client area

In CZECH (česky):

Dobrý den,

děkuji že používáte hosting pro hosting
Všiml jsem si, že hosting platíte PayPalem. Chtěl bych Vás tedy upozornit na to, že pokud používáte tzv. Paypal subscription (automatickou platbu), pravděpodobně se při příští platbě neprovede z důvodu změny PayPal účtu

Platbu bude potřeba provést manuálně na jiný PayPal účet ([email protected]). Tento nový paypal účet budete mít uvedený v emailech s výzvou k prodloužení hostingu. Emaily obdržíte opět jako vždy 10 a 4 dny před datem prodloužení vašeho hostingu (datumexpiracevasehohostingu).

Pokud byste chtěl/a prodloužit okamžitě, na delší dobu a nebo máte jakékoliv otázky, prosím napište.