October 30 – Data loss

What happend on October 30

Sad day is October 30 as ICPH lost server HDD data because of the HDD failure. There was 2 attempts to recover it, but it was alas not successfull. ICPH do not guarantee any backups and so the last cPanel shared hosting and VPSs backup was made on October 4th (25 days before data loss).


  • The cPanel shared hosting backups was already restored same day after long 15 hours of downtime.
  • The VPS backups will be restored in the next days and this post will be updated.

If Your website do not load or is outdated, please kindly restore your files and or MySQL from your backup file thru cPanel control panel.

How to prevent data loss?

  • Doing regular backups
  • Websites are now on server with two HDDs in RAID 1 for better safety (previously 1 HDD). More frequent backups will be also made once we recover from this failure.

I deeply apologize for inconveniences caused.

Thank You for hosting with ICPH